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Titania Nail Clipper Small 1052/1 B

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  • Maintaining well-trimmed nails is an essential part of grooming.
  • The Titanias nail clipper helps in achieving neatly trimmed and healthy nails.
  • The product variant 1052/1 B, comes in aSilver Metallic and is a compact nail clipper made of stainless steel.
  • It is designed by experts to have sharp blades that cut the nails without applying a lot of pressur"1">It can be used on fingernails and toenails.
  • The product comes with a file that helps you smoothen the edges of the nail.
  • The light-weight product is approximately 5.3 cm in length, making it easy to carry as well.
  • It will help you achieve precise, even, and gentle cuts.
  • It has a file attached to it. The aberrations help in smoothing and shaping the nail tip .
  • The product is light-weight and compact .
  • It helps in achieving precise trims .
  • The clipped nail tip gives gentle cuts .
  • It can be used on fingernails and toenails .
  • It helps in trimming chipped and overgrown nails with ease .
  • It is safe for travel .

How to use :

  • Wash your hands and dry them before using the nail clipper .
  • Prepare your nails by washing them with a mild soap .
  • Use a mascara wand or cue tip dipped in mild soap to clean the area below your nail and skin .
  • Ensure that your nails are completely dry .
  • Use a nail polish remover to remove any nail enamel and dust accumulated on the nail bed .
  • Take your clipper and place it close to the nail tip.
  • Apply moderate pressure to trim the nail. Work in small sections .
  • The precision of the blade will give you a gentle smooth cut .
  • Avoid touching the deep end of the nails .
  • Smoothen the edges using the file given in the nail clipper .
  • Repeat the process for all the nails .
  • Cut your cuticles by placing the clipper close to your cuticle and applying little pressure.
  • To avoid cuticle pealing, apply cuticle oil on your nail bed and cuticles and massage the product

Caution & Warnings :

  • Do not use the product on unsanitized nails .
  • Do not apply undue pressure .
  • The product is strictly for adult nails .
  • Do not use the clipper to trim the nails of pets.
  • Exclusively for external use .
  • Use the nail clipper with extra care if you have a cracked nail .
  • Store the product away from sunlight in a cool, dry place .
  • Do not store the product close to water and electricity .
  • Use the product with attention as the blades are sharp .
  • Do not use the nail clipper to trim false or acrylic nails .
  • Keep out of the reach of children .
Titania Nail Clipper Small 1052/1 B - IZZAT DAOUK SA
Titania Nail Clipper Small 1052/1 B Sale price SR10.99 Regular price SR12.94