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Shipping and Delivery

All our Orders are processed from Gulf Pioneer Company  Central Warehouse in Jeddah City, Makkah Province

Gulf Pioneer Company will outsource Delivery to a courier company from our choice 

Gulf Pioneer has the right to choose the courier  company even if the logistics company provide no tracking services 

Gulf Pioneer will choose the best choice taking into consideration the Cost, Time and other factors we see as important.

As soon as Gulf Pioneer Company  deliver the shipment to the Courier we will provide the customer through the email registered  with  information of  :

1) Date of Delivery 

2) Number of parcels

3) Name of the Courier

4) Any other information that  Gulf Pioneer Company will see as important to our customer.

Expected Delivery Time will be between 2-4  business working days all around KSA

Expected Delivery Timr will be between 4-6 Business workig days to GCC Countries

In case your shipment is delayed , please contact the Logistics company, in case they failed to cooperate please feel free to contact us at :

Please provide us through the email in order to process your request  with the following :

1. Order Number 

2. Name of the courier 

2. Courier shipment number

3. Explanation of the problem 

4. Date of receiving our Confirmation email