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Titania Nail Clipper Silver 1052/2 B

Sale price SR18.99 Regular price SR22.35

Nail Clippers are an essential product for everyday life. Trimming your nails is a simple grooming technique that requires a good quality nail clipper. It is necessary to trim your nails from time to time to keep them healthy and smooth. Titania Nail Clipper is a premium quality product that cuts your nails without damaging them. The sharp blades provide trimming as close as you want without damaging your skin. It is a big sized nail clipper with a silver metallic finish that makes it easy to use and looks classy. The special design of the handle provides good grip and non-slip action. It is very comfortable to use and easy to carry while travelling. A handy nail clipper is good to have in your handbag to get rid of sudden hanging or a broken nail.

  • Titania Nail Clipper is a premium quality product made in Germany
  • It is highly durable and sturdy
  • The silver metallic finish gives a classy look
  • The ultra-sharp"1">The concave blade design provides close trimming without harming the skin
  • It gives proper clean and trimmed nails
  • Provides convenient grip control
  • A filer comes attached to its handle for a smoother finish
  • Portable and convenient to carry along while travelling

How to use:
  • Take the nail clipper and raise the lever up
  • Rotate it 180 degrees in a circular motion and lower the lever again
  • It will rest at 45-degree angle and now it is ready to use
  • Wash your hands and toes to remove dirt and soften the calcified growth
  • Dry your nails and keep them between the clipping head
  • Press the lever and trim wisely
  • Be careful at the sides of the nails
  • File them for a smooth finish
  • Your beautiful trimmed nails are ready


Caution & Warnings:

Always disinfect the nail clipper after use
  • Do not soak the clipper in a plain or detergent water
  • Wipe off the clipper head with a clean and dry cloth whenever necessary
  • Keep it out of reach of the reach of the children
  • Do not share the nail clipper to avoid any fungal or bacterial infection
  • Titania Nail Clipper Silver 1052/2 B - IZZAT DAOUK SA
    Titania Nail Clipper Silver 1052/2 B Sale price SR18.99 Regular price SR22.35