Harmony Gelish Foil Remover Wraps 100Pcs 01920

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The Gelish Wrap It off Foil Wrap Removal System makes it simple, easy & quick for gel polish removal at your fingertips. The sturdy pieces of high-quality foil with a cotton pad that adhered to the foil makes taking off gel polish quick and effortless at home at your convenience.

What is it?

Gelish Wrap It Off foils make removing Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish more convenient. Just add Gelish Artificial Nail Remover and apply. Removes 10 sets of Gelish nails.

What makes it special?

  • Locks in Gelish Artificial Nail Remover
  • Quicker removal time
  • Easy to use

    How to use

    Step 1

    Break top seal by gently roughing the surface with 100/180 GRIT BUFFER and remove shine.

    Step 2

    Saturate a cotton pad or WRAP IT OFF foil wrap with ARTIFICIAL NAIL REMOVER. Place onto nail and soak for 15 minutes.

    Step 3

    Remove foil. With an orangewood stick, gently remove any remaining gel. Be careful not to press into the nail.

    Step 4

    Lightly buff nail surface with a 200/280 BUFFER. Massage NOURISH Cuticle Oil into skin surrounding the nail plate.


    100 foils



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