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Cala Croc Hair Clips (Black-4Pcs.) 66223

SKU: 143700

SR19 SR22.36

Croc Hair Clips

A helping hand when you need it. Keep hair in place while styling or drying.

Hair Type:Straight, Wavy, Curly, Coily, Extensions, Wigs

Hair Texture:Light, Medium, Thick

Hair Concerns:Straightening, Smoothing, Blow Drying

  • Secure hold, no creasing
  • Perfect for wet and dry hair
  • Doesnt leave dents or tug hair
  • For all hair types


-For damp styling, use lower arm as a comb to create vertical sections in hair and clip. It makes blow-drying more effective and efficient.

-For dry styling, use lower arm to create horizontal sections below the part in dry hair and clip for optimal use of Detox.

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