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Titania Nail Clipper Gold 1057 B

Sale price SR21.99 Regular price SR25.88

  • Are you tired of having unkempt nails? Do you want your nails looking perfect without having to spend time and money going to a salon? .
  • Well, the titania nail clipper can do exactly that for you.
  • This nail clipper has been designed to allow you to cut your nails with precision and accuracy, to get that salon-like manicure at home.
  • They are quick, simple, and easy to use.
  • So next time youre thinking of going to the salon, pick up your pair of titania nail clippers instead.

  • These nail clippers are made with stainless steel .
  • The product is water-resistant .
  • The pack contains one pair of nail clippers .
  • They have been expertly designed and have strong, sharp blades that cut through the nail with ease .
  • The product can be used for cutting both, fingernails and toenails .
  • The product comes in the color gold .
  • These nail clippers are suitable for use by both men and women .
  • The product is reusable .
  • How to use :

    • To open the clippers first lift the top part up and then rotate it so that the bottom of the lever is facing upwards
    • Then decide what order you will cut your nails in and how much you want to cut off .
    • Place the first fingernail between the two cutting blades of the nail "1">Squeeze down on the nail clipper to cut the nail.
    • Make the cut based on the length decided.
    • Do not straight away cut your nails down to the skin.
    • There should be some white part left .
    • Keep in mind that the nail should be cut at a"1">Furthermore, the whole nail should not be cut at once, it should be done with multiple small cuts.
    • This is to ensure that the shape of the fingernail is maintained .
    • The same can be followed when cutting the toenails
    • After you finish cutting, you can file your nails to smooth the edges and make any adjustments to the shape
    • You can also clip off any hangnails using this product, if required .
    • Ideally, nails should be cut every few weeks to avoid damage or breakage.
    • However, the product can be used as and when it is needed .
    • The product should be cleaned and disinfected after use .

    Caution & warnings :

    • Keep out of the reach of children .
    • These nail clippers are in the size big and hence should not be used on small children or babies with small hands and feet, as it can easily injure them .
    • The blades of the nail clipper are sharp and can cut the skin, if not used cautiously .
    • The product should not be shared with other people for hygiene reasons .
    Titania Nail Clipper Gold 1057 B - IZZAT DAOUK SA
    Titania Nail Clipper Gold 1057 B Sale price SR21.99 Regular price SR25.88