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Sencor Hair Clipper 14In1 Shp 7411Bk

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Complete care for your hair, beard, body hair and detailed contours in one withSencor's multifunction hair clippers.I feature excellent equipment that will please every new and existing user. Take care of yourself from the comfort of home!I guarantee performance, stamina, great work and practical accessories.I am equipped with ahigh-speed yet silent mo"1">to do top-notch work at home and on the go! Pack me up and take me with you on vacation, a business trip or actually anywhere. I weigh only 99g and fit nicely in any bag.


Sencor really did not cut any corners with my equipment! For an optimum price tag, it enabled me to work with an extremelyhigh quality adjustable blade in a width of 6-34 mm, which is made in a combination of nitride and titanium.Enjoy me to the fullest with12 interchangeable attachments"1">that don't just take care of your hair, but of virtually your entire body.I trim hair, beards, ear and nose hair and intensively work on detailed contours for a perfect look. I even trim chest and body ha"1">The attachments are easily adjustable and detachable, and 8 of them are color-coded so you have the best overview. I can't think of anything I can't cleverly handle.With an ergonomic shape, I can fit in anyones palmand I do not slip even when your hands are wet. Basically, handling is a piece of cake.


  1. Attachment for nose hair removal
  2. Attachment for body hair removal
  3. Beard trimming attachment
  4. Contour shaping attachment
  5. Attachment for precise alignment
  6. Full-width attachment
  7. 3 mm attachment
  8. 6 mm attachment
  9. 9 mm attachment
  10. 12 mm attachment
  11. Beard trimming adjustment"1">CHARGE ME TO A 100% WITH A MICRO USB IN JUST 2 HOURS

    No more unnecessary cables and extra chargers!Charge me with a classic micro USB anywhere in the world in just two hours.I pride myself on a high-capacity Li-ion batterythat I can work with continuously for 2 hours"1">to give you enough time for all your needs and details.

    DISCOVER THE BENEFITS OF EXTENSIVE ACCESSORIES!As you already know, 12 high-quality attachments are included in my package so I can be the perfect helper. But Sencor also thought of the secondary aids that every user should have at home and on the road.Along with the attachments, you will aIso find the following items in my accessories: a practical stand with compartments, a comb, a cleaning brush and last but not least, oil for lubricating the blades.I'm simply a trimmer with everything.


    Power source mains/battery
    Micro USB Charging Enabling Recharging Anywhere in the World
    Titanium Nitride Blades
    Ultra Quiet High-Speed Motor


    • Nose Trimmer
    • Body Shaver
    • Facial Shaver
    • Design Trimmer
    • Precision Trimmer
    • Full Size Trimmer
    • 3mm Trimmer
    • 6mm Trimmer
    • 9mm Trimmer
    • 12mm Trimmer
    • Facial Hair Height Regulation
    • Body Hair Height Regulation

    Ergonomic handle preventing slipping in the hand
    Battery operating time 2 hours
    Fast Charge Technology Provides Full Charged Up in only 2 hours
    Blade width 6 / 26 / 34mm

    ON/OFF switch (on/off)
    Option to trim without the comb attachment
    Graphic cutting length indicator
    LED charging indicator
    Li-ion Battery
    Integrated Li-Ion Battery
    Supplied accessories: Practical Stand, Comb, Nose Hair Trimmer, Body Hair Shaver, Facial Hair Shaver, Design Hair Trimmer, Standard Hair Trimmer, Large Hair Trimmer, 3mm Hair Trimmer, 6mm Hair Trimmer, 9mm Hair Trimmer, 12mm Hair Trimmer, Facial Hair Height Regulation, Body Hair Height Regulation, Oil

    Length of the Power Cord: 180cm
    Weight: 99g
    Dimensions (height depth width): 155 39 "full-width offset-padding-top under-before" data-mce-fragment="1">