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Rebune Hair Dryer 2200W Re-2079

Sale price SR194.99 Regular price SR211.85

Model number: RE-2079

TheRebunehair styling toolallows youtosave time and money on the salon, and allows you to style your hair in the comfort of your own home.

This modernhair dryerfrom Rebune professionally dries your hair in no time, thus helping you"1">protect your hair from breakage and falling outif it stays wet for a long time. It guarantees that your hair will not get caught or tangled during the session, due to its distinctive design, which helps distribute warm air throughout the hair.

Also for those withcurlyorwavy hair, this product comes with a dedicated head for"1">dryingwavyhair, in addition to it is suitable for fine hair.

As for the handle, it has been carefully designed to be comfortable to hold and use, as the operation button comes in a fist position and thus easy to press.

As for the speed and hot air buttons, they come on the side so that they are not pressed during use.

And to make the dryer more elegant and easy to use, it has a rubber ring at the bottom, making it easy to hang it close to you.

You will not worry after the day about the problem of drying hair after showering, especially if you havelong and thick hair, as this practical supplement heats up within minutes, and gives you the desired results immediately.

On the other hand, the

As for its weight, it isrelatively light. This makes it comfortable to use if a long hair drying ses"goog-text-highlight">Despite its light weight, it is a factory that does notproduce 2200 wattsofpower, and this high power gives your hair enough hot air to dry it without causing it to burn, especially if it is wet, it is healthy and effective!

Get your own hairdresser from Rebunetoday and keep your hair strong and luscious!

Technical Specifications:

  • Power: 2200 Watts / 50-60Hz / 220-240V.
  • Two years guarantee.
  • Number of Attached Pieces: 2
Rebune Hair Dryer 2200W Re-2079 - IZZAT DAOUK SA
Rebune Hair Dryer 2200W Re-2079 Sale price SR194.99 Regular price SR211.85