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Okema Depilatory Heater For - Ok-412

SKU: 787077

Okema hair removal wax warmer is characterized by heating the wax at a very high speed, saving you time

* The most important feature of it is that it is suitable for all types of waxes, including hard and soft wax, so it is a great choice for home and beauty salons use

* Its perfect size makes it easy to carry in your bag and take it on travel and trips to enjoy smooth skin at all times

* It removes hair with high efficiency from the roots and does not leave even small hairs, it is a healthy and completely safe method for your skin

* It is an easy, comfortable and fast way to remove hair from anywhere on the body and get wonderful cleanliness and smoothness

* The airtight cover on the device keeps the wax inside from dust, insects or water, making it usable for a long time.

additional information :

Power 40W
2 years

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