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Matrix Socolor Permanent Hair Color Tube 90 Ml

SKU: 5240900

SR29.99 SR35.30
Color: 2N
Matrix SoColor Permanent Cream Hair Colour

Permanent hair color.

Thanks to its four basic rules, SOCOLOR.beauty is easy to use and brings predictable results, so you can fully trust it. Premixed bases and self-adjusting shades make your work easier. Advanced dyes deliver long-lasting colors and excellent white hair coverage, while protective care ingredients give the hair a rich shine.

The use

Use only with recommended Matrix Cream Developer oxidation creams. Do not use with more hydrogen peroxide than 40 vol (12%). Mix the SOCOLOR.beauty color with a suitably selected strength of the Matrix cream oxidant in a ratio of 1:1. For example 45ml SOCOLOR.beauty + 45ml cream oxidant Matrix. Apply to hair and leave on at room temperature for 30 to 45 minutes as needed. Rinse hair thoroughly at the end of the application period.

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