Little Baby Topping Balm Plus Pink Effect

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Little Baby 's Topping the Balm Butter lightens skin tone with a mild, natural scent of a blend of orange and apple and is gentle on sensitive skin.

Main ingredients and benefits

The Balm Topping Butter contains pyreus (apple) fruit extract that helps restore firmer and smoother skin.
It contains jojoba oil which is a natural oil that can penetrate well into the skin to get soft and supple skin.
Argentine sunflower seed oil can absorb well into the skin.
The Balm Topping Butter is rich in Vitamin A, B, D, E, minerals, and high oleic acid to keep skin smooth and moisturized without irritation.


Topping Balm Plus from Little Baby is an alternative to pink nipple tattoos .
Helps adjust the dry, dull areola and groin to be noticeably smooth and glowing without having to rely on surgery.
sitive skin as it is a gentle formula.>
How to use

Just apply it daily to get rid of dead skin cells in the nipples and groin areas without the risk of chemicals.

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