Keplex No.4 Heat & Color Protection System

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No.4 Heat & color protection system

It works on neutralizing yellow tones and leaving the hair soft and shiny.

  • works on neutralizing Orange tones
  • Leaves the hair soft and shiny
  • Rich in "1">1-Worry Free, Color Lifting

    Step 1:Apply 30 ml of KEPLEX No.1 to 270 ml of bleach powder mixture or 15 ml of KEPLEX No.1 to dye.
    Step"1">Apply 60 ml of KEPLEX No.2 on hair after rinsing with water and leave it for 20 mins.
    Step 3:Use KEPLEX No.3 for 20 mins weekly"1">2-SAY GOODBYE To Your Damaged Hair

    Step 1:Mix 15ml of KEPLEX No.1 with 60ml of water.
    Step"1">Spray the mixture on a clean hair and leave it for 5 mins.
    Step"1">Without rinsing, apply 30 ml of KEPLEX No.2 on hair, comb through and leave it for 20 mins. Then wash it off..
    <"1">3-Split Ends Remedy

    Step 1:Cut small part of the hair ends.
    Step"1">Apply 30 ml of KEPLEX No.2 from roots to ends and comb through once. Leave it for 20 mins.

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