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Bring life back to dull hair with Fragante Hair Coconut Tumeric Shampoo! Made with tumeric and coconut, this potent shampoo strengthens and revitalizes your hair for a natural, healthy glow. Rejuvenate your hair, and look your best!

Experience lush, soft, and healthy hair with Fragante Hair Coconut Green Tea Shampoo. This luxurious blend of coconut, green tea, and frizz control will leave hair nourished and manageable for an entirely new level of beauty. Get ready to enjoy a style full of freshness and vitality!

Cleanse and nourish hair with FRAGANTE Hair Shampoo. This natural, sulfate-free blend of green tea, rosemary and anti-dandruff properties soothes the scalp while leaving hair soft and fragrant. Pamper your locks with this luxurious shampoo for a beautiful and healthy shine.

Indulge your hair in luxurious hydration with Fragante Hair Shampoo. Our creamy avocado and argan formula boosts hair moisture, prevents breakage, and leaves your locks silky soft. Experience beautiful, healthy hair with this one-of-a-kind coconut and turmeric shampoo!


Experience softer locks with this anti-dandruff hair conditioner, featuring cooling green tea and aromatic rosemary. Revitalize your hair with the goodness of 200 ml!


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