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Bh Elite Rich Moisture Shampoo

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Shampoo , high-hydration is supported by collagen and natural proteins that nourish the hair and strengthen and add vitality and shine from the inside out.Free of salts and sulphates harmful to the anatomy of damage and potential environmental effects by creating a shield around each strand of hair.

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The ingredients :

  • Natural seed oils are 100% moistened by hair and provide moisturizing and leave hair healthy and vibrant
  • Natural plant extract works to calm and balance scalp to normal hair to the lip and provide gentle moisturizing while re-scalp scalp

The benefits:

  • Nourishes and strengthens hair to contain vitamins, collagen, aloe vera extract and omega-3
  • Free of sulphate, paraben, jelline and sulfur
  • Maintain and extend the results achieved by the hair taming process
  • Used for all hair types


  • Shampoo is placed on wet hair
  • Massage with simple foam
  • Rinse and apply with conditioner to provide a vibrant and smooth

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