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Bh Elite Collagen Plus Treatment

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A combination of moisturizing and nourishing proteins with collagen.

It softens curly hair and wavy hair.

Contains amino acids that naturally so"1">

The benefits:

  • Free of formaldehyde or any other harmful chemical components.
  • Safely softens curly hair.
  • It restores damage and strained hair
  • It's rich in natural oils thus it is perfect for extremely dry hair bleached hair and hair damaged by heat.
  • Actively treats damaged and strained hair it also compensates the lack of natural collagen in hair.


  • Wash the hair with Deep Clarifying Shampoo before treatment from 1 to 3 times then dry the hair with a towel
  • Spread the treatment on the hair without directly putting the treatment on the scalp.
  • Leave treatment on the hair from 40 to 60 minutes while brushing the hair every 10 minutes.
  • Rinse the hair 50% only then dry with a towel and blow dding to hair type.
  • Leave hair to cool and then rinse with conditioner and leave in hair for 5 minutes then brush and dry.