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30 Days Miracle Clear Spot Patch Nr-10097

SKU: 699523

SR14 SR16.48

A topical patch to treat inflamed skin pimples and their effects. It sticks firmly to the pimples so that it absorbs liquid secretions from them and allows the skin to breathe and protects the skin from new bacterial infections. It is transparent and not clearly defined so that you can use it well with makeup and is suitable for covering scars and wounds. Prevents the formation of scars and traces Skin pills.* A transparent patch with strong adhesion to the skin.
* It absorbs liquid secretions and protects the grains from new bacterial infections.
*Protects damaged and injured skin.
* Helps speed up the healing process of pimples.
*Prevents the formation of scars and acne scars after treatment
*Water resistant and slim.
* Made of sensitive skin friendly materials.
* Do not pop the pills, just apply the patch and it will work by itself. On clean, dry skin, put one patch on the pill site and let it swrom the pill. More than one patch can be used on the affected area during the day.

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