Titania Cuticle Nipper Small 1059

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  • Cuticles are important for the nail's safety and health, but they can also lead to building up of the dead skin.
  • A cuticle cutter comes handy in use to remove unwanted dead skin from your cuticles.
  • Titania nipper silver for cuticle 1059 is a complete pedicure and manicure tool used to trim hard cuticles and hangnails.
  • Cuticle nippers are best for trimming thin fingernails and the toenails in hard places.
  • The small-sized stainless-steel head on the cuticle nipper is made with precision for trimming the ingrown nails.

Features :

  • Perfectly aligned precision blades .
  • Ensures accurate trimming and removal of the cuticle.
  • Can be comfortably handled .
  • Ultra-thin for accuracy .
  • Ergonomic handle for ease of use .
  • Used for toenail and fingernail grooming .

How to use :

  • For using the cuticle cutter, sanitize your cutter first and then soften the nails of both hands.
  • Smoothly pull away from the dead skin and then moisturize the nail of your bed.
  • Take antibacterial soap and lukewarm water to smoothly wash the cuticle clipper.
  • Prefer to use the soap with both hands or use cotton to wash the clipper.
  • Take a bowl and fill it with some lukewarm warm water and put your fingertips or toes in it.
  • This will soften and smooth your nails and will help in clipping off the cuticles easily.
  • Pay attention to the dead skin at the end of your cuticle.
  • Put the tip of the blades towards the nails and make tiny marks around the cuticle.
  • Keep removing the dead skin away till you have trimmed the full cuticle.
  • Put on some hydrating cream or lotion or cuticle oil near the nail and the surrounding skin areas.
  • This will soothe your skin, reducing the occurrence of major complications from cutting your cuticles.

Caution & warnings :

  • Do not share as it is unhygienic, and sharing the kit can spread infections and parasites
  • Keep it away from heat and fire
  • Do not continue using a product if there are signs of skin irritation instantly after the exposure to the product
  • You can hurt yourself while touching the nipper due to the blade. Be careful
  • Refrain from trying to sterilize by steam
  • Do not use thinner or alcohol
  • Avoid clipping the cuticles if you are suffering from diabetes or any other health issues.
  • Diabetes can lead to your finger and toenails more prone to infection.
  • If you have diabetes or any major health condition that affects your immune system, avoid cutting your cuticles
  • Stick to clipping the cuticles once every couple of weeks to prevent infections .

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