Morgan Taylor Nail Polish 3110262 Once Upon A Mani (Fables & Fairytales) 15Ml

SKU: 647102

SR51.39 SR56.53
Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer Polish in Once Upon A Mani. Once Upon A Mani is a pale pink creme color polish. Once upon a time, Gelish and Morgan Taylor introduced the Fables & Fairytales collection. That time is spring 2017! This is no ordinary collection as it is filled with magical shades of red pearl, pink, baby cremes and iridescent hues. Wearing this enchanting collection will make you feel like the queen of your castle!

Morgan Taylor, the NEW standard in Professional Nail Lacquer, the crme de la crme of nail color, developed by professionals for you. Morgan Taylor's unique spectrum was designed to remove all barriers to color expression. Our palette knows no bounds, ranging from the classic to the avant-garde and from subtle to unconditionally spectacular. We invite you to experience Morgan Taylor brand. Embrace the c

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