Elgon Primaria Dermo Peeling Treatment

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Pre-shampoo exfoliating treatment to detoxify and re-mineralize the scalp. Contains
Natural micro-granules that rid the scalp of impurities, dead cells and pollution.
Prepares the scalp to receive treatments.

Sebum and dandruff control
Purifying action;
Leaves scalp free from impurities.
Prepares the scalp to the next treatments.

Prepare the scalp before a Hairloss Treatment
Treatment of scalp conditions with hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)
As a maintenance treatment between 2 Dermo-Balancing Clay treatments
Once a month on all hair types to purify and maintain scalp in a healthy condition.
Use also to eliminate persistent styling or impurities on the lengths of the hair.

USE: Apply section by section to dry scalp. Gently massage then rinse and proceed with shampoo.

APPLICATIONS PER tube/ 10 ml of product on correspond about to 15 applications for 150 ml.

Natural exfoliant obtained from Palm seeds to rid scalp of impurities
Complex of sugars: fight against dandruff production.
Fiber detox; cucumber, apple, lime extracts and algae that have an anti-pollution action: prevent the absorption of pollutants at the level of the scalp and creates a barrier against heavy metals
Redoxina 2.0: complex containing hyaluronic acid and plant keratin. Makes hair stronger, youthful and hea"1">Primaria contains a blend of prebiotics that inhibit bad bacteria that cause odours and other scalp problems and promote goods bacteria that regulate the correct pH of the scalp and promote the right balance of the microbiome.
Healthy hair begins with a balanced Microbiome.

What is a microbiome?
The idea of having bacteria on ones head might be disturbing and yet the right coexistence is the key to healthy hair. The microbiome, or the set of good bacteria that populate our intestines, also affects the scalp and regulates its state of health. More than the microbiome itself, what is important is the balance of the microbiome, a situation that regulates the well-being of the whole body and that we should take seriously. In short, the new beauty goal is to keep the microbiome in balance. Healthy and shiny hair is starts with scalp care.

What are prebiotics?
Prebiotics are what you need to keep the microbiome of the scalp in balance.
Free from: sulphates, silicones, parabens, artificial colorants.


pH: 5,0 6,0

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