Evoluderm Detox Mask Botanical Charcoal 100 Ml


Composed of 98% natural-origin ingredients, this mask purifies and oxygenates the skin. Ideal for active womens stressed and overburdened skin, it is an effective ally to incorporate into your facial routine. Active Botanical Charcoal is a natural ingredient which has an excellent absorption capacity. Used since ancient times because of its purifying and detoxifying properties, this ingredient frees the skin of impurities and eliminates make-up residue or traces of pollution. The Detox Mask with Active Botanical Charcoal softens and clarifies the skin in just 10 minutes. Its melt-in texture makes it easy and quick to apply. From the very first use, the skin is detoxified and the skin texture is smooth.

Shake the tube before use to blend the texture. Apply the mask to your face in an even layer, avoiding the eye contour area. Leave to work for 10 minutes, thenneeds and try the multi-masking method by using this product with the other masks from the range: Detox, Whitening, Soothing, the choice is yours!

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